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Temporal changes in the payment methods

Dear users,

Currently, we are accepting payments only via Skrill or PokerStars transfer. Payments with the credit card or Neteller is temporarily unavailable.

To make a payment via Skrill - you need to pay through our website. You need to select your subscription plan, then - Skrill as a payment method and make a payment.

To make a payment via PokerStars - you need to transfer required amount of money through PokerStars to a user with nickname sentpim and write us an email on info@macropoker.com with your PokerStars nickname, from which you made a transfer, your nickname on Macropoker and the subscription plan you want to be activated.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and to compensate - every user who will pay via Skrill or PokerStars will receive additional 7 days to his subscription plan. To activate bonus - please write an email on info@macropoker.com.

Best wishes,

13 December 2016 13:51

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