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Macropoker allows to define the skill of your opponents

We would like to share useful knowledges about our statistics, which will help you to improve your skill, and the best part is that you can get our statistics for free with the help of our special promotion with a new room PokerGrant, you will save $11.99.

Now lets go back to our special tips and tricks, lets pick an example:


The beginning of the $11 Deepstack tournament. The opponent made a raise from the UTG and called our 3-bet that we made in the BB. Next, the opponent called our flop and turn bets, then we checked on the river and faced a bet of 80% of the pot.

A kind of questionable situation, the decision in which fully depends on the skill of the opponent. Let us see the statistics of the player at Macropoker:


The opponent has a ROI of -50%, i.e. he is a very weak player. First of all, his range contains a lot more of incomplete flush- and straghtdraws that he called a 3-bet with and that he will continue with to the river, and a little amount of value hands. Second, chances are that he tends to choose the wrongest spots for bluffing: the board has paired twice, no complete draws. Third, the weak opponent has no thoughts on our hand: we show an utterly strong range, and a decent player with an incomplete draw would not think of pushing the QQ+ out of the pot at an early stage thus risking a significant part of his stack. Taking into consideration such statistics of our opponent, we make a call and take down the pot.

Another example: we have reached the pre-final table of "The Big $44". Our stack is not rather big, but we can afford some steals and bluff 3-bets. How can we define the opponent that these moves are the most optimal against? The perfect targets for these moves are the players with moderate ABI, zero-EV statistics, no big triumphs. These players mostly tend to play tightly and accurately in the deep run of such an expensive tournament. You can define such players with the help of the Macropoker statistics by looking at the table of the TOP-5 prizes, the player's ABI value and his chart.

You can use the statistics not only on our website but with a special MacroHUD program that delivers the players' stats right onto the playing table. It is critical in case you are multi-tabling and you don't have time to enter the nickname of your every opponent at our website. And if you use the website, there's no need to memorize every player: all the stats of your last searches are available in the "Last searches" table.


Macropoker helps you analyze your own statistics

Want to know what tournaments you perform best in and what tournaments you should avoid? It is made easy with Macropoker. Our advanced filters allow for accurate estimation of the player's ROI. You can see how profitable for you the current year is, you can forecast your profit, define your ROI in minor tournaments that you already have a sample of, see how you perform in irregular types of tournaments and assess your profit with the rakeback.

The Macropoker statistics is helpful for backing

Macropoker not only helps the players but the ones who invest in them. The backers — also known as the investors — can use the Macropoker statistics to bring all the results of a player into focus and make a decision on the coefficient of the purchase. But wait, there is more: Macropoker scarcely loses tournaments (less than 0.01%) and collects the accurate amount of rebuys done. That is why the backer does not need now to conduct the audit of the player: all the statistics and correct profit are available on the website.

Macropoker makes it comfortable to track the results of your friends or celebrities

You can subscribe to get notifications on the results of any number of nicknames. It is you who sets the conditions of receiving these notifications:


You can get instant notifications on the triumph of your favorite player in a big tournament, congratulate your friend on winning a big prize, or note that a player who you had bought a stake from has played a tournament outside the bankroll.

As you see, the Macropoker statistics suits not only the experienced professionals and backers but also the beginners and the ones who watch closely the events in the world of online poker.

Every registered player gets 10 free daily searches, so you are absolutely free to get acquainted with the website and find out how actively you are going to use the Macropoker statistics, and judging by that purchase a subscription: Bronze (50 searches a day), Silver (200 searches a day), Gold (1,000 searches a day) or VIP (5,000 searches a day).

Macropoker offers proprietary and unique ratings

A general ranking of МТТ players (SCORE) is developed with the cooperation of the leading professional players and represents an objective index of the МТТ players' skill. SCORE is calculated on the basis of the last year and takes into account the results of a player at different poker sites. Naturally, the ABI (average buy-in) and the ROI of a player are counted.


Depending on the position of a player in the rating you can judge about his achievements even if his data is hidden. Topregs occupy positions from the top till 200th-300th place. They are followed by skillful and experienced players of the high stakes and topregs of the middle stakes (up to 2,000th place). Positions up to 10,000th place are inhabited by zero-EV players of the high stakes, skillful regulars of the middle stakes and top micro-stakes players. The rating of each player is shown along with his statistics so that you could quickly assess his skill.

The rating of complexity of the tournaments is calculated on the basis of the average rating of the tournament's players throughout the whole history of this tournament. With that, the average rating of the payzone and the final table has higher weight. Using this rating you can compare tournaments in terms of complexity and correct your session accordingly.

Ratings by disciplines — these are the lists of the best players by the amount of games, profit and ROI with advanced filters according to the poker sites, the disciplines (MTT, SNG, STT, HU and Spin&Go), the buy-ins, games, speed and countries. The ratings are calculated by different periods of time (1 year max.), so you can find the nicknames of the leading regulars of your discipline and fight them for the championship.
The Macropoker ratings are absolutely free and are designed to help every user of the website take his bearings in this great world of online poker.

12 July 2016 17:22

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