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Subscription plans

Macropoker statistics paid subscription plans are divided into two types:

Monthly. These subscription plans involve a certain quantity of searches available to a user every day for one or several months. Such subscription plans are the most beneficial way to use Macropoker statistics.  Moreover, the cost of each search in the higher-level subscription plans is quite low. In the “Bronze” subscription plan (50 searches per day), the cost of one search is $0.004. In the “Silver” subscription plan (200 searches per day), the cost will be 3 times lower. In addition, if you pay for your subscription plan for a longer period of time (3 months or 1 year), you will get a sizeable discount.

How can you pay for your statistics?

You can pay for your statistics via your Macropoker account wallet. In order to do so, you need to  deposit using one of the available payment methods.

How can you change your Macropoker statistics subscription plan?

In order to switch to a higher subscription plan, you should choose a new subscription plan on the following page (Wallet -> Subscription plan -> Monthly subscription). Make sure that the new subscription plan is of a higher level than the current one. There are 3 simple rules of paying for a new subscription plan:
1. If the selected subscription plan is equal to the current one (for instance, you wish to switch from bronze for 3 months to bronze for 12 months) your current plan will be prolonged for the whole month, and you will be charged the cost of 12 months.
2. If the selected subscription plan is of a higher level, your unused funds from the current subscription plan will be moved to the new subscription plan (proportional to unused days). If you have insufficient remaining funds to buy the new subscription plan, you need to pay the difference.
3. If your remaining funds from the current subscription plan exceed the cost to switch to the new subscription plan, your new subscription plan will be automatically paid to make sure that all extra funds are used.


You have already paid for the “Bronze” subscription plan for one year ($36). After four months, you decide to switch to “Gold” for three months ($48). In this case, you will need to pay $48 – 36*((12-4)/12) = $24.

What statistics are available for free?

Every registered Macropoker user can search 5 times per day (one search = one click on a "Search" button). However, there is no ability to save notes, capture graphs, edit watchlists, edit groups of players and filters, or use the advanced search.

Main benefits of Macropoker statistics

— You can make your statistics available exclusively to yourself (read how to do it here);
— Macropoker.com statistics includes all tournaments, not just MTT and multi-table SNG;
— We collect statistics for players at 888poker;
— We have unique statistical indicators, including indices representing the strength and style of players;
— We allow linking nicknames from different poker rooms and creating a united alias (group of players);
— Users can subscribe to the statistics of specific players and receive reports with their results by e-mail;
— Our statistics miss less than 0.1% of all tournaments;
— We constantly work hard to improve our statistics. We will launch a HUD, metrics representing the difficulty of tournaments, user rewards and new player ratings soon.